What to Do after a Car Accident: Everybody Must Know

What to do after a car accident

Ooo shit………Bang!!! Very sad!! Here you meet an accident, unfortunately. But, after all, it is also a part of the game. When you are on the road in your car within heavy traffic, you are likely to hit or be hit. Every year, more than six million car accidents occur only in the United States and every third accident involves a personal injury. Moreover, two out of every ten accidents involve some fatal personal injuries to the drivers or the passengers. Let aside the stats, your main focus must be on the point about what to do after a car accident. You are supposed to undertake certain steps after you meet a car accident.

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What to do after a Car Accident: A guideline to follow

Being a sensible person, You should take some steps to protect yourself and your interests after a car accident. The following steps will ensure everyone is safe, the law is there intact and the insurance claim process gets started. So, here is what to do after a car accident.

Stop and check for injuries.

You must immediately stop after the accident whether it is a minor one or the otherwise. Running from the scene will create severe complications some of which will prove even unhand-able afterward. Moreover, there might be some serious injuries regarding this accident. Quite possibly, you may be the first one and, if so, call 911 yourself or ask someone to do so. There is no need to move around if you are seriously injured. Just wait for the emergency personnel to come and handle you properly. Do the same if you find someone else seriously injured, too.

Protect the scene and get to safety

Try to clear away the road for the rest of the traffic at the earliest in order to avoid any other possible accident. If your car is still movable, drive it to the roadside and if not so, leave it over there and get yourself to safety. Your foremost priority after the car accident must be to save yourself and the whole scene.

Call the police

It is always wise to call the police immediately no matter what the magnitude of the accident is. In order to file a claim with your insurance company, you must need a police report. It holds true even if you have to make a claim just for the damage to your vehicle. To facilitate the police maximum, it will be very helpful to keep the location of all the vehicles involved intact unless it disturbs the flow of traffic over there.

Capture the necessary photographs

No doubt, the police will do its work but you must take the necessary pictures with your own mobile phone camera. These pictures will help you later on many occasions during the investigation regarding your insurance claim. All this should never interfere with the on-going investigation on the part of the police officers.

Make an accurate record of the whole incident

Tell the whole incident to the investigating officer thoroughly and honestly to the best of your ability. If you are unaware of certain facts, tell the officer very frankly that you do not know the facts. Your misstatement will ruin the whole case for you and no claim will go in your favour. Moreover, you must also make sure that the statements recorded by the others involved in the accident are also true to the actual. An accurate record is a real record; otherwise, all go waste in the end.

Exchange Information

This is again the job of the police officer investigating the whole accident, but you should also do so for the sake of convenience afterward. If anything went wrong, you would have your own informative data to proceed.

You should get the name, address and the telephone number of all the persons involved in the accident. Also, it is of dire importance to record the information about the witnesses to the accident. Besides, the data about the insurance companies involved should also be there with you. All this will greatly help your attorney fight for your claim later on.

On top of everything, you should also get the police report number from the investigating police officer. With this number, you will easily collect the police report afterwards. If your accident happens on a state highway, you may collect the report from the state police.

Report the accident at the earliest

It will be absolutely fruitful if you report your accident to the relevant insurance company as soon as possible. This is because some policies need immediate reporting and full cooperation. You are also supposed to submit all the accident-related medical bills to your insurance company if you have medical benefits as part of your insurance coverage.

Go for medical attention

Be very much particular in this connection, as it often happens that you may feel the most pain one or two days after the accident. You may even get a serious or permanent injury to your backbone out of a minor accident, though. Unfortunately, if you get unconscious or dazed even for a while after the accident, there are chances that you may have got closed head injury or a concussion. Hence, you must seek the medical attention if you want to save yourself in the long run.

Following the above-mentioned crucial steps, you may save yourself and fight for your rights in the best possible way.


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