Using GPS Technology to Do Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring

GPS Vehicle Monitoring

Fleet companies have an obligation to do intelligent GPS vehicle monitoring if they want to enhance their efficiency, prevent accidents, insurance cost and reduce maintenance costs. With the current level of technology and skills from IT professionals, it is easy to achieve this.

On the other hand, people with one or two private vehicles can use this technology as an added security layer. Many insurance companies recommend this to private car owners for better claims. Whether you want to monitor your private car or fleet cars, intelligent vehicle monitoring can be achieved in many ways.

Requirements for GPS Vehicle Monitoring

GPS installation in a fleet of vehicles sounds complicated, but professionals will simplify it for you. Here are the things that you need for regular GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking
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GPS tracking device for the vehicle – This is installed in the car and transmits the current geo-position of the vehicle. They rely on satellite signals to find the current location and also use the signal to relay the message to a remote location. But today, they integrate with the internet in fleet vehicles for accurate and real-time data transmission.

Internet protocol – This is now common in modern vehicles. Exotic and luxurious vehicles now come with internal internet protocols. Likewise, fleet vehicles have Wi-Fi used by passengers to browse the internet and for drivers to send their reports.

Output devices – Managers and owners of fleet vehicles usually monitor GPS tracking on their computers and mobile phones. These same devices are used for other fleet solutions like those provided by the Eyeride website.

Software – This is crucial for the entire project to work seamlessly. They have different capabilities and which you choose depends on what you want to achieve. Good software should work on different devices and it should have regular updates so that it does not become obsolete too quickly.

Integrating GPS with Surveillance Cameras

Technology is incredible and it is getting better by the day. Surveillance cameras can now track the position of fleet vehicles while transmitting the footage of the location at the same time. With these capabilities, dash cams used in vehicles have now become smarter.

Surveillance Camera
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They are integrated with the GPS device and internet protocol and the functionality is just incredible. According to reports, vehicle surveillance cameras integrated with GPS eliminate the need for having a separate GPS tracking device.

Features of Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring with GPS

The first crucial feature is the event triggered functionality. This brings the entire system into full action instead of being on at all times. It allows for the saving of space like in the case of GPS dashcams.

Another important feature is the notifications of events send via email or text message. This depends on the service provider and the support that they give.

The ability to have regular updates is also another great feature to look for when buying this solution, and this goes hand in hand with support from your service provider.

Final Word

By now, you can see that intelligent vehicle monitoring is possible if there is a good plan. Make sure that your vehicles cover well with all of the requirements as advised by an expert to get the best from these solutions.

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