Newly Qualified Drivers: The Dangers Of Overconfidence

Newly Qualified Drivers

Newly Qualified Drivers

As a newly qualified driver, you’ve probably already heard plenty of tips about how you need to stay safe. But you’ve already passed the test, right? Why are people still treating you like an amateur? The reason for this is due to overconfidence, which is a dangerous trait to have. But many newly qualified drivers, after passing their driving test makes them feel like a million bucks, and they’re ready to go anywhere and do anything. Unfortunately, hard work is only just beginning.

The very first time I hit the road after passing my test, I was so confident. In just a short thirty minute journey, I learned more about driving than I ever have in my entire life. I almost had numerous accidents, and by the time I got to my destination, I was shaking. Overconfidence was the reason for my nightmare journey.

Just because you don’t have an instructor sitting next to you anymore, doesn’t mean you can start driving differently. After you’ve passed your test, don’t be tempted to start driving faster. Make sure you keep doing the same safety checks you’ve always done, such as checking your mirrors. It’s also best to stick to short journeys while you’re still new at this. Get comfortable driving in the local area before you’re tempted to go on any road trips.

Newly Qualified DriversOverconfidence also leads to issues with parking. The extensively long parking procedures you did when training still apply here. Rushing it will only result in errors, often resulting in bashed cars and angry drivers. Try and park in places where there’s an abundance of spaces, and don’t be afraid to practice your parking there. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll start to improve over time.

You’re bound to make mistakes as a newly qualified driver. It’s just the way it goes! To prevent this as much as possible, you must maintain your car properly. Do regular checks to make sure your oil levels and tire pressures are up to scratch, among other things. You’ll also want to get another set of keys made up from a car locksmith, just in case you run into issues later on. Locking yourself out of the car is embarrassing, and keys can also stop functioning if they become damaged.

When you’re carrying extra passengers in your car, you should be taking more care by default. Don’t be tempted to show off in front of them. You should never be driving faster than the speed limit. Also, refrain from drinking alcohol while you’re out and about. Although the law might state that you can drink to a point, there’s no way you should be risking it when you’re still learning this new skill. Anything that can limit your ability to concentrate is a potential disaster waiting to happen.

It’s important never to let your guard down when driving. Overconfidence can strike at any point, and you need to recognize the signs. Every time you sit behind the wheel, you’re putting people’s lives in your hands. You shouldn’t be worried; just aware of the dangers.

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