VW ID.GTI Concept Previews The ID2’s Hot Hatch Variant

VW ID.GTI Concept

We’ve witnessed the GTX label on the performance-oriented ID.4 and ID.5 electric vehicles, but now VW is poised to progress further by introducing a fully electric vehicle bearing the GTI moniker. Unveiled as the ID.GTI at the IAA auto show in Munich, it’s currently a concept car. However, plans include a production version destined for Europe, with potential consideration for the US market.

VW ID.GTI Concept Debut


The VW ID.GTI Concept bears a striking resemblance to the VW ID.2all Concept, intentionally designed with the GTI in mind. Featuring sportier front and rear fascias, Mk1 GTI-inspired wheels, darker taillights, and GTI branding, it exudes the GTI spirit. Although smaller than the current GTI, it measures 161.6 inches in length with a 102.4-inch wheelbase, akin to the European Polo. Volkswagen assures ample passenger space despite its compact size, thanks to short overhangs and the absence of a front combustion engine. The ID.GTI assures to continue the GTI tradition with its unique design and impressive performance.

The ID.GTI’s design inspiration is evident in the beefy front and rear bumpers, the black rear wing atop the tailgate, and the eight-spoke 20-inch wheels, giving it a more purposeful appearance compared to the ID.2all concept. However, some of the distracting elements, like lap time projection for the passenger, may not make it into the road-legal version.

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The VW concept car provides a glimpse of its forthcoming interior aesthetics while predominantly highlighting its exterior appeal. Renderings reveal a cabin featuring a squared-off steering wheel, a striking red paint scheme, and distinct “Stop” and “Fast Forward” emblems on the brake and accelerator pedals (contrasting with the ID.2all’s “Pause” and “Play”). The seat trim exhibits a minimalist plaid pattern reminiscent of the GTI style.

One notable feature is the 10.9-inch digital instrument display’s ability to transform into a rendered version of the Mk 2 Golf GTI’s instrument pack. A more prominent 12.9-inch display resides at the center of the dash, and Volkswagen returns to separate temperature and volume controls, breaking away from touchscreen integration. The concept features a head-up display for the front occupants, projecting performance data across the entire screen height.


The ID.GTI is essentially an amped-up version of Volkswagen’s regular ID.2, initially previewed as the ID.2all-concept. Positioned as Volkswagen’s entry-level EV in Europe, it falls below the ID.3 (not available in the States). Sharing the same base framework as the standard ID.2, it sits on the new MEB Entry platform, designed with front-wheel drive.

Specific power figures for the ID.GTI remains undisclosed, but it’s likely to match or exceed the promised 223 horsepower of the top-spec ID.2. Similar to the current gasoline-powered GTI, it will feature an electronically controlled limited-slip differential for improved traction and adaptable dynamic modes. Additionally, a simulated sound system can replicate the iconic sounds of past GTI models.

While further mechanical details are pending, the production ID.GTI is expected to utilize the bigger of the two ID.2 battery packs, offering 56.0 kWh, supporting fast DC charging up to 125 kW, and providing a range of up to 280 miles under Europe’s WLTP testing protocol. A noteworthy question lingers: Would the ID.GTI have a speed limiter, considering Volkswagen’s limitations on other models like the ID.3 and regular ID.2? As a performance variant, there’s curiosity about whether it will be permitted to achieve higher speeds.


The ID.GTI concept offers a glimpse of an upcoming electric hot hatch from Volkswagen. A production-ready ID.2, based on the ID.2all concept, is confirmed for 2026, followed by a GTI version. Volkswagen’s CEO, Thomas Schafer, stated that it’s a definite plan, with a production reveal in 2026 and a likely launch in 2027.

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