3 Embarrassing Driving Mistakes

Driving Mistakes

Driving Mistakes

Like almost everyone else, I bet you’re fairly confident in your abilities as a driver. However, this doesn’t mean things always go according to plan, does it? Every day, people make big driving blunders which turn them pink. Here are a few of the most common, surprising as that may be. If you’ve got a hot date coming up, make sure you don’t make these slip-ups!

Firstly, using your wipers to signal your intention. This is possibly the most embarrassing mistake you can make because it’s obvious to everyone around you. It also shows a remarkable misuse of some of the simplest parts of a car. As I’m sure you’re aware, most cars have a lever on either side of the steering wheel; one for the wipers, and one for the indicators. Sometimes, if you had trouble sleeping or you’re engrossed with the song that’s playing, it can be easy to put your hand on the wrong side. Instead of signaling your intentions, you send the wipers into full-speed on a bright summer’s day. Making a turn right after this is not only very dangerous but will give other drivers a good chuckle.

Gas-pump-Indiana-USAImage by Wikimedia

Another cringe-worthy mistake is forgetting which side of your car the gas cap is on. This is a mistake limited to new drivers, and those who are renting a car. Believe me, if you pull up on the wrong side of a pump, and try to stretch the hose all the way over the roof of your car, friends won’t let you forget it easily! Fortunately, there’s a trick to help you avoid this. On a lot of cars made from the noughties onwards, there’s actually an indicator on the dash. I was hitting myself when I heard about this, and started seeing it everywhere! Just below the ‘low on gas’ indicator, look for an arrow pointing to the left or right.

Finally, locking your keys in your car. Of all the mistakes a driver can make, this is one of the most common and the most frustrating. If you get into the habit of hitting the “lock” button on your keys before stepping out of the car, make sure you take the things with you! The main way out of this situation is calling a 24-hour locksmith. However, there is a simpler, cheaper solution you may want to try. First of all, insert a wooden wedge into the top of the driver’s side door to create a little crack. Then, use a long, thin instrument to hit the “unlock” button. Metal coat hangers work best, but as it’s long and rigid enough, you can use anything. While doing this, try not to wear a hoodie, or take too many skittish glances over your shoulder. I’m sure being arrested for breaking into your own car isn’t pleasant!

Unfortunately, there’s still no cure for clumsiness. However, if you bear these mistakes in mind, you’ll be able to come off as a much smoother driver!

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