Looking for an Adorable Car? These are the 10 Cutest Cars to Consider in 2022

“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” – E. B. White. For some of us who are car lovers, we might have had several expectations on the cars to expect in 2022. The year already looks promising with varieties ranging from the newest generation performance automobiles to affordable superminis.

As there are recent restrictions on fuel cars in the US, more battery cars are coming onto the scene. We are not surprised that the SUVs are top on this chart. The production of electric cars is also on the rise as more consumers demand them.

In this article, we will discuss ten cute cars to expect in 2022. You cannot expect less as things – I meant cars are getting more interesting. You can click on divicars.ai to see more cute cars of 2022.

Cute Cars to Expect In 2022

Do not over-speed; drive slowly through this article. These cars are sure to keep you thrilled. With their features, you may feel like hopping into one and taking a joy ride around town. Below is a list of cute automobiles you may be seeing in 2022.

AM DBX Coupé

Aston Martin DBX CoupeAfter the company signed a new manager in August 2020, the brand has included a new version for their DBX SUV. The recent version promises a hybrid power supply and an extended wheel-based variant.

The actual selling price for this model is currently not out, but it is estimated to cost £170,000. With a unique driving experience and interior, you are likely to enjoy your ride. If you desire a sports car with an SUV feature, you might consider a DBX Coupé.

AM Vanquish Concept

Aston Martin Vanquish ConceptAs a plan to compete against the Ferrari and McLaren supercars, Aston Martin comes up with this super cute automobile – The Vanquish Concept. The first display of the model was at a Geneva conference in 2019.

The model promises to deliver several exciting features, including a mid-engine layout. As of 2019, the car was yet to be completed. Hence, we should be expecting the release of this new model sooner or later this year. It costs over £200,000.

Enough with the Aston models. Right now, it feels like screaming BMW with multiple s’. The BMW models are one of our top models for the year. Do not get too excited – wait for it.

BMW Seven Series

This season, we are expecting a new 7-series release from BMW. There is a rumor that the new model might compete with the recent S-class Mercedes, but how true is this?

It is likely to come with an electric or hybrid model and the i7 series badge. With features like this, it might be able to cover over 300miles.

The new series promises several new features and plenty of luxury performances. A longer–wheeled base version provides more legroom and the latest technology. It costs about £75,000.


Here is another one coming from BMW. Though iX1 is an update of the already existing X1, it promises new features like electric power. The update will step up the model to compete with the Volvo P8 recharge and the EQA Mercedes.

The looks might be the same with other I series. However, it will feature some additional electric-automobile elements. The automobile might include some iX3 tech features, and it might cover over 200 miles and 282bhp. It costs about £45,000


BMW M2 Gran CoupeThe automobile estimated at £60,000 holds several new features compared to the other variants. It is said to possess a similar muscle-bound, dual-door coupe template to the current variant. However, the release vows to be a thrilling debut.

The BMW M2 uses a similar shortened platform like the S3 saloon car. It means that it is not limited to the traditional car layout and can allow engineers to attach a twin 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six under its bonnet. Though the car is smaller than the S3 version, it will still run on a 400bhp.

The M2 has a wide track fixed at both its front and back – compared to other cars. In addition, a stiffened suspension is set up together with adaptive dampers at its lower ends. It houses a large brake, hence the car stops better.



This model has had features on the wish list of fans for decades. The M3 will have similar engineering as its saloon version. However, it will feature a different body style.

Spy images of the automobile have so far seemed approving. With its larger kidney grille, you will have a similar experience as in an M3 saloon. Behind this grille will be a twin 3.0 turbocharged petrol motor with six cylinders set to 503bhp. A four-wheel driving system will be attached to it.

The M3 will have a wider track compared to its saloon version. In addition, it includes an upgraded suspension for permitting more payload capacity.



We round up our BMW series for the year with this big seller. The brand has put in efforts into making this third-generation automobile a big one. Following the X3, the market promises to be a big one for the German company.

From the look of things, the latest model is aggressive and spacious. The interior might be beautiful and luxurious – just right for the classy. The dashboard feature will be the same as the other variants in the 1-series.

The model is based on an updated UKL2 platform. It means that – it houses a similar petrol engine and a regular driving transmissions system. It will also have an xDrive25e that utilizes a three-cylinder 1.5litre engine. You can expect the EV range to be over 45 miles.

Citroen Ami

Citroen AmiTiny cars are gradually becoming a trend in the UK. The Citroen Ami is an electric car expecting a release for sale in 2022 or 2023. The cute and tiny car cost £6,000 and is one of the most affordable automobiles of the season – considering it is fully electric.

The car has a battery of 5.5kWh that supplies an 8bhp motor. Its top speed is above 28mph and can run over 46miles. Hence, it is best for an inter-city drive.

Owners of the Ami can recharge it using a three-pin charging plug or the Type 2 charging EV adaptor. It generally takes about three hours for complete charging.

Now here is a spicy offer. The developers are recently offering the automobile on a lease and rate term. The aim is to help users purchase the car while paying little monthly. You can click here to read more about a lease and rate arrangement.

Citroen C5X

Citroen C5X

The new X from the Citroen Company has significant features. It combines some factors from an SUV and a hatchback. The styling makes this combination clear as it reflects some elements of both designs. It was built on a similar technology as the Aircross C5 SUV. However, it has more mature offerings.

Surprisingly for a £27,000 car, it has several luxurious features that can make you a proud owner. The C5 will rival the Volkswagen Passat and Peugeot 508. In a way, buyers might want to purchase the C5 instead of an SUV.


Every year, car enthusiasts around the globe anticipate the release of a new car model from their favorite brand. For some, it is a fantasy, but for others, it is real business.

In 2022, we are expecting some of the finest cars. With restrictions in the US on diesel cars, we might see more electric cars in the coming years. Depending on the features and luxury that it provides, the automobile can cost between £200,000 to as low as £12,000.


Suhail is a journalist who loves everything about technology driven cars. He keeps a keen eye on the latest developments in automotive industry and shares the news as it breaks.

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