Best Affordable Cars Available in the Market

Best Affordable Cars

As 2018 draws nearer to its end, the automobile market has shown its massive growth and advancements. Ideal cars that are notably the best affordable cars, as well as recent and efficient technologies, are now overtaking the market. Various companies are competing for the most demanded spot and the competition is getting tougher. Since most companies realized that sports cars and advanced cars aren’t really everybody’s thing, it’s a battle of who can provide the best in the least. And suffice it to say, the best affordable cars in 2017 are no match for the affordability they are providing in 2018. Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, and so many other multinational companies are dedicating their time towards releasing products that can benefit even those who are without vehicles right now.

List of 7 Best Affordable Cars

1) Toyota Yaris L Hatchback:

Toyota Yaris L Hatchback

This Toyota car is unlike those that have been launched before it. Compare it to the driving stimulation or the efficiency it promises, it’ll beat its predecessors in both. The recent L trim was the surprising change that goes to show how the efficiency markup was achieved. Manual transmission option comes with five forward speeds. The automatic option is really a blow to the overall performance of the car. Achieving almost 30/36 mpg on a 106-hp engine, the Yaris tops at 108 miles per hour.Which can be justified because it wasn’t designed for the tracks.Although it does have a nice 10.2 second average time to go from 0-60 mph.A comfortable and sleek design that aims to prove useful and reliable in the most economic value. The Yaris is one of the best affordable cars that just hit the market this year and is winning hearts.

2) Nissan Versa S Note:

Nissan Versa S Note

The promises that Nissan made to the public about launching a car that will be as low cost as the company could go and still be able to deliver the design and elegance of Nissan have somewhat failed. Although the Versa is one of the best affordable cars in the year 2018, it is not too good if you’re really going to drive it. With a 109 hp engine and a top speed of also 109 mph can show that the car is not at all powerful. Since the affordability factor was really worked upon, the mileage goes to about 31/40 mpg but compare it to the drive and you’re disappointed. Sure, if you’re just looking for delicate 4 wheels that can look gorgeous but feel weak and numb, go for Versa.

3) Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan:

Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan

Believe it or not, in the race for the best affordable cars that any company has launched, Chevrolet has taken up the task and presented a marvelous gift to the public. A very powerful car designed to be not just great in looks but perform like it’s the best as well. The Sonic LS Sedan has a 138 hp engine. That is actually the greatest horsepower any car in that price range is offering. And not to mention the recent trend in the shape that has people going nuts for it. Take a look at Sonic’s 1.4-liter turbo if you are looking for rather comprehensive control over the vehicle. Although the efficiency is guaranteed on both, the 1.8 and the 1.4 turbos. Six-speed manual and automatic transmission modes are available in the price of just $16,170.

4) Hyundai Accent SE Sedan:

Hyundai Accent SE Sedan

The Accent is a later model by the company that aims to offer a comfortable seating and sleek design packed with enough horsepower for all your exhilarating needs. With 130 hp and an average of 28/38 mpg, you might still get surprised and excited after hearing its track record. Hyundai’s Accent went from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds. That’s all coming at the shallow price of just 16,000. Given the interior designing of the company being satisfactory, the six-speed forward transmission on the manual option is much better than most affordable in cars out there. Although it’s aimed at audiences who’re not looking at a luxury, the Accent rates a lot higher due to its elegant looks more than the understanding of its features.

5) Mitsubishi Mirage:

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mirage happens to be a very weak but nicely decorated car that is available in the market since 2017. Having been one of the best affordable cars in the world, Mirage Sedan is considered to be the four-door upgraded version that was designed on the hatchback that was launched before. The car has a 78-horsepower engine that can go up to 100 mph. While it reaches from 0-60 mph in 12.8 seconds, the Mirage offers a rather bigger size than the mechanics would approve. But then again, for only 15,300 you can expect a few upgrades in the interior and the design but not so much in the performance. It does come with nice warranties like the corrosion and power strain warranty that covers a minimum of 7 years.

6) Ford Fiesta:

Ford Fiesta

You can be sure that when Ford promised to reveal something special at the launch ceremony back in 2010, they delivered. Ford Fiesta is still one very preferred car in all the best affordable cars on the market. With a 120-hp engine that can make it go from 0-60mph in just 9.1 seconds, you can bet that it is packing a little power. Due to the aerodynamic design that the engineers perfected to give you an edge during cutting corners and stability through intense drags, the mileage might seem too expensive. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because the Fiesta has been tested on track and a 27/37 mpg has been recorded on average. And besides, what more do we expect in $15,080?

7) Kia Rio LX Sedan:

Kia Rio LX Sedan

The Kia Rio Sedan has been on the market for a long time but in the 2018 model, they have beaten the previous set records for being affordable and compatible with the needs of the many. The engine isn’t as powerful as a sports car but it gives you all that power and smoothness on the road with a trunk. Running from 0-60 mph at just 8.5 seconds, this makes it easier to understand that the 130 hp engine is not just for a tuner. Even though the car has topped at 121 mph but the excitement starts when you imagine having that sort of comfort and power and the space of a sedan running at 28/37 miles per gallon. This front-drive car is available in options such as 6-speed manual or auto transmission with the setup that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the ABS.


The best affordable cars in 2017 have no comparison with the best affordable cars in 2018. That’s because the market has changed. People have started looking for more efficient and cheaper ways rather than spectacular and fabulous ones. When it comes to getting a car, you don’t just need the specs that are written or the control that the theory suggests. You need everything to be exactly according to the way that you can manage it.

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