Top Tire Brands- For All-Season( Buying Guide )

Top Tire Brands

Choosing car tires nowadays has become complicated. With all the broad types of tires, prices and different tire brands to choose from. It can be tough to figure out which wheels will be best for your car and your needs.

List of 8 Best Tire Brands In The World

While we can’t say which wheels are ideal for each individual driver or budget. We can say which tire brands are the best based on performance testing. Here’s our list of top tire brands:

CompanyOverall Ratings
Michelin5 stars
Yokohama4 stars
Bridgestone4 stars
Continental3 stars
Goodyear4.3 stars
Pirelli4.3 stars
Hankook4 stars
Dunlop3 stars

1. Michelin:

Michelin Tires

Based on comprehensive performance tests, Michelin tires are the best tire brand in the world. These tires are produced by the French tire manufacturer Michelin, which was founded in 1889. Moreover, Michelin has invented the radial tire which is its most famous and benchmark tire design. These tires display an exceptional balance of traction, handling, long tread life, and low rolling resistance. That results in better fuel economy. They particularly excel in tread wear, which would explain why the brand confidently provides tread wear warranties on all replacements when other brands do not. Probably the only thing keeping buyers from getting these wheels is the price. They are one of the best tires available in the market. This company’s tires not only give good fuel economy but are eco-conscious as well. The Michelin tires are one of the oldest tires companies found in the world.

  • Top performers:

Michelin Defender, Michelin Primacy MXV4, Michelin Premier AS, Michelin Pilot Sports A/S 3, and Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

2) Yokohama:

Yokohama Tire

Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand which is famous for its handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions. This name has a very old history it was established in 1917. Yokohama also produced Japan’s first tubeless tires. The main ambition of this firm is to take top class tire technology from race tracks to everyday roads. And that’s why the majority of its tires are performance oriented. Yokohama produces a large range if tires but some of its most famous models are;

  • BluEarth:

Efficiency based and eco-friendly tires.

  • Drive:

It comes with affordable handling performance.

  • Advan:

These are made exclusively for the race tracks.

  • Geolander:

These tires are for 4WDs and SUVs.

3) Bridgestone:

Bridgestone Tires

The Bridgestone tires have a very old and rich history in tire manufacturing which dates back to the 20th century in Japan. This company is a leading tire manufacturer and makes almost all types of tires from everyday use to racetrack ones. And it also offers cheap tires for everyday use which start at around $80 per tire. The most expensive everyday tire offered by the company can be as high as $800 per tire. Apart from this, the company offers various bonus deals which includes cash back offers as well or every fourth tire free along with free service program.

  • Top performers:

Ecopia, Potenza and Turanza.

4) Continental:

Continental Tire

Continental AG is also one of the oldest and largest tire manufacturing companies in the world and was established by a group of nine German bankers and industrialists in 1871. It was started as a rubber manufacturing company. Continental initially gained its fame for the bicycle tires which they still manufacture. These tires have a huge range for tires but the basic categories are four i.e.

  • ContiSportContact
  • ContiPremiumContact
  • ContiEcoContract
  • ContiCrossContent.

And it is also bringing some serious competition to Michelin with a superb lineup of their own. Their wheels consistently achieved high scores during testing, particularly in handling and stopping grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The other advantage of this brand is that their products are more reasonably priced.

  • Top performers:

Continental ProContact Ecoplus, Continental PureContact and Continental ExtremeContact.

5) Goodyear:

Goodyear Tyre

Goodyear is an all American tire manufacturer that was established in Ohio more than a century ago. It was also one of the first few tire manufacturers who were able to make tubeless tires. These also have the honor of supplying racing tires to Henry Ford. This company’s tires are a good value for money as they have good overall performances in both wet and dry conditions as well as in weather handling and stopping ability. However, Goodyear offers a large range of tires for a wider range of vehicles from truck carriages to FWDs. Some of the most appreciated models are;

  • Assurance
  • Eagle
  • EfficientGrip
  • Wrangler

Goodyear has had some models miss the mark, but their recent truck and ultra-high performance tires have remained on-point. Some of their models are a bit outdated but a few, such as the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread All-Season still get high marks on our record.

  • Top performers:

Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread All-Season and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric.

6) Pirelli:

Pirelli Tyre

Pirelli is an Italian tire brand which is very famous for its racing tires and for sponsoring many racing events especially Formula 1 race. The tire performances are exceptional but they don’t come cheap. And you need to spend a good amount to get them the most expensive ones can be as expensive as $1,500 each. Even the cheapest ones start from $100 each but these tires are generally very small i.e. they have 13” diameter. These tires are basically for the drivers who can’t compromise for speed and exceptional grip on the racing tracks. Pirelli is well-known for ultra-high performance tires. It is also trusted by many prestigious sports car brands for original equipment rubber. The brand has been making several improvements to existing models, so hopefully, these issues have been addressed.

  • Top performers:

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons and Pirelli P Zero

7) Hankook:

Hankook Tyre

Hankook is a tire manufacturing company from South Korea which was established in the mid of the 20th century. It is a very popular company for providing everyday tires to a lot of regular drivers. That was a close race, but in the end, we had to give fifth place to Hankook. The brand has a top-rated Dynapro ATM and a few ultra-high performance tires from their Ventus line that have gained high marks as well.  Their winter line performed particularly well in both clear and snow-covered surfaces. Only thing that’s missing is an all-season line, which the company is currently updating.

  • Top performers:

Hankook Dynapro ATM, Hankook Ventus S1 noble and Hankook Ventus S12 evo2.

8) Dunlop:

Dunlop tyre

Dunlop tires are produced by a British tire manufacturing company which is famous for producing premium quality tires. These tires were founded in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop; the inventor of the pneumatic tire. Currently, the company is owned by the American tire giant Goodyear tires. This name has a very good reputation in the tire industry for its unwavering tires. The price of tires is reasonable not too much expensive. You can easily get a good commuter tire for $100 per tire. Dunlop makes a variety of tires for every type of motor enthusiasts, from track tires to slick tarmac tires. They manufacture both cars and motorcycle tires. The top models of Dunlop car tires are;

  • SP Sport:

These tires are designed for sedans and roadsters. They give good and enhanced handling in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Sport Maxx:

These tires are for maximum and uncompromising performance vehicles. They are usually big diameter tires starting at around 17 inches.

  • Monza:

These are the everyday tires designed exclusively for city commuters. These tires give good fuel economy as well.

  • Grand Trek:

These are the tires made for almost every type of 4WD cars. For extreme off-roading experiences, some of the tire models come with rugged and deep tread patterns.

How to Choose the Best Tires

Good Tire Brands

Check your Owner’s Manual

Your car manufacturer has made it easy for you to pick the right tires. Just check your vehicle’s owner manual. And it tells you the size and type of tires you should use for your vehicle. This info is also available on the information placard, which is always added to your vehicle’s door edge, door post, and glove compartment door or inside the trunk lid. The label will look something such as P215/60R 16 93T.

Dividing it into parts, the first part – P215/60R 16- refers to the elements such as tire’s purpose, width, aspect ratio, radial construction, and diameter of the wheel. The 93 signifies the load index, explaining us the weight each tire can carry. Lastly, T signifies speed rating, which is the tire’s maximum speed with regard to the load index. You have to pick the right size measurements.


The focal point of a tire is its treadwear. And that is why the best tire brands produce quality treadwear. But how do you evaluate treadwear? The rule of thumb is to look at the rating. Most manufacturers rate their treadwear somewhere between the region of 400 and 600. And a higher rating translates to better treadwear. Note that manufacturers cannot overstate their rating since tires are screened using the Uniform Tire Quality Grade. So, the best tires usually have a treadwear rating between 400 and 600.

Understanding Aspect Ratio

When choosing the best tire brands for your vehicle. You need to acquaint yourself with some practical terms such as aspect ratio. Aspect ratio refers to the measurement of a tire and you can read the aspect ratio on the sidewall of your tires. This measurement is pivotal for engineers and mechanics to find the perfect wheel combination for a car. In essence, if you want a low profile or high profile look for your vehicle. Only a set of new tires will not do the trick. You will also need to get a new set of large wheels to compensate for the reduction in the sidewall. Otherwise, shorter tires will rev your engine higher, damaging the transmission. The best tire brands usually have an aspect ratio of 65, which you can obtain by subtracting the diameter of the rim and then dividing it by the width.

What Type of Tire Do you Need?

So, you have interpreted the label well and are now ready to pick among the best tire brands. But wait, do you know which tire type is perfect for your vehicle? Although tires are also available in many types, such as All-Season, Summer, and Winter. Therefore, we see most car owners opt for all-season tires as they work well for both winters and summers. However, they are not perfect in any way.

All-Season Tires

The old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none” can be labeled to all-season tires. As the name suggests, they are fine at everything but do not stand out at anything. Such a set of tires are ideal for slackers – mount these. All-season tires and forget about worrying when a new season comes. Be forewarned though, they will not provide the grip of a summer tire and will lack the traction of a winter tire. Nonetheless, they would get the job done for you.

Winter and Snow Tires

Winter and snow tires offer plenty of benefits if your region is cold or receives snowfall. The rubber compounds tend to stay soft at low temperatures while the tread design offers excellent traction in the snow. Tires are so good that we would rather have a car with winter tires all year long than one with all-season tires. They might be a tad expensive but they outperform all-season tires in all departments. Remember, tires are not made only for the snow. They also work perfectly fine in all conditions thanks to the phenomenal tread patterns and soft rubber compounds. Hence, we call them the best tire type.

Summer Tires

Also known as ‘Performance tires’, they offer superb dry and wet traction. As well as precise handling and work perfectly in warm months or all year in areas like Gulf countries that do not get a true winter.
Choose any of the above tire types but make sure you avoid certain brands altogether.

Worst Tire Brands – to AVOID Purchasing

Now that you have read the buying guide and let us see which tire manufacturers do not adhere to quality and performance. Using their tires can be disastrous for you on the road. As well as, we have ranked these manufacturers on the basis of poor-quality, lack of safety measures, and defect in design.

Low-End General Tires

General tires are renowned worldwide for their quality and longevity. Professional racers term them as one of the best tire brands and use them in Formula 1, Nascar and other races. However, the cheap, low-end versions of General Tires are dreadful. Therefore, they wear out pretty fast and do not fare any better than the cheap Chinese tires. The best tire brands in the world make sure their tires do not make any noise on the road. Nonetheless, the low-end General tires make a lot of noise at high speeds.

Falken Tires

Toyo, Bridgestone, Yokohama are some of the best tire brands in the world. We cannot say the same about Falken though and this budget tire manufacturer is far from the best. In fact, they are so bad that your car will surely slip and slide in the rain. They offer poor traction too.


People have complained their Firestone tire catching fire during summers. What even more ironic is the company refuses to replace damaged tires even when they are under warranty. Moreover, the tires have also a bad reputation of getting easily damaged by potholes, road bumps, and even speed breakers. Their tires may not even last 20,000 miles.

Carlisle Tires

Based in the United States, Carlisle Tires, just like Firestone, blow inexplicably. According to reports, it does not happen due to over inflation or being exposed to extremely hot weather conditions and their poor quality construction causes them to explode. They also come cheap and perform cheap as well. As a matter of fact, it is wise to spend a little more and go for the best tire brands we have discussed hereunder.

Our runners-up for this race include truck favorite Cooper tires, winter tire experts Nokian and the ever-reliable Toyo and Kumho tires. Though they didn’t make it to our top of these brands. And certainly made it difficult for us to choose, which goes to show just how good a choice these brands can still be.


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