Top 10 Car Maintenance Mistakes

car maintenance mistakes

The cost of maintenance is always connected with a car whether it is a sports car, luxury car, compact car or even a small car made for two. If anyone wants to get better performance of his/her car, they must pay attention to its maintenance. Though, car maintenance always cost high but in certain cases when we make such big blunders the things can be more costly in the long run.

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Here are 10 top and common car maintenance mistakes that result in the multiplication of cost.

1) Putting Off Schedule Maintenance:

The car manufacturers are always recommending schedule maintenance to keep the car in good condition and to detect any issue at the initial stage. But unfortunately, 75% of car owners never follow the recommendation and then blame the manufacturer for defects.

2) Ignoring Attitude:

Many car owners have an ignoring attitude because of which they usually ignore minor problems and continue driving until the control buttons and wiring of the car burn out. It is just like ignoring the initial symptoms of a disease that result in a life-threatening disorder at the end. The attitude not only increases your maintenance cost but at the same time damage the reliability and durability of your car and so you have to visit the workshop very often.

3) No Tire Pressure Check:

A new set of tires will cost you something between $200 to $280 or even more with the increase in size and brand. Many car owners become the victims of this sum as they never check the tire pressure and condition of their car’s tires that result in premature wear out. Moreover, the improper way of driving and braking also affect your vehicle tire’s negative.

4) In-time Changing of Oil:

In-time Changing of Oil

A clean and adequate supply of oil increases the life of your car’s Powertrain and so it is important to change the oil in time. Thanks to the modern technology offered in the new vehicles that alert the owner when the oil change is necessary. There are many things that affect your oil like the seasons, driving habits and the type of oil you are using.

5) Burned Out Lamps:

About 90% folks neglect their vehicle’s lamps that are an important thing to consider and should be a routine task for a car owner to check the bulbs. It is important to check your car lighting once a week. Just back up your car against the wall and check the beam, turn signals, braking lights and fix the problem immediately if any exist.

6) Overloaded Trunks and Cars:

The overloaded trunk or car results in extra heat that takes you to stay on the road-side with a raised hood. This is a very serious issue as with your cooling system the overloaded trunks and cars also result in a broken axle, buckled frames, worn out tires and is a serious safety issue. Remember the cost of fixing broken parts of a car after the overwhelming load is very high.

7) Continue to Drive when the Car is Overheating

Never drive your car when it gets overheated because it will affect your Powertrain negatively and increase the maintenance cost.

8) Quality Air and Fuel Filters:

Quality Air and Fuel Filters

Clean filters add life to your engine but there are lots of people who prefer to use a poor quality filter in order to save a few dollars. Remember, it is not saving money but is actually opting for high maintenance cost in the near future.

9) Unqualified Vehicle Service Shops:

Always choose a qualified vehicle shop to service your car. For this check different sites and consult your friends to get access to a reliable shop.

10) The Garage is For your Car:

Always park your car in the garage and keep the garage clean to offer a best and suitable environment for your car. The garage will save your car from the harshness of seasons and will keep it maintained.

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