Soup Up Your Car And Make It Cool Again

soup up your car and make it cool again

When it comes to cars, we’d all like to drive something like the BMW i8 or the Mclaren P1, but most of us will never get that sort of money. Consequently, our only option is to soup up our cars and make them cool. But how?

Tinted Windows:

If you’ve ever driven past a top-of-the-range luxury car up close, like a Rolls Royce Phantom, you’ll have noticed something. The rear passenger windows, as well as the rear window, are almost totally blacked out. The windows use a special kind of glass that only allows light to travel in one direction. It’s against the law in most countries to have tinted windows at the front, ostensibly to keep us safe, but more likely to spy on us.

Tinted Windows
Image by Flickr

The great thing about tinted windows is that they are super budget friendly. You don’t actually have to opt for the high-end glass used on luxury car models. Instead, you can get a simple stick on filters that plaster over your existing windows.

Get Your Dents Ironed Out:

Nothing looks worse than having a car with scuffs and dents. It’s a good idea, therefore, before buying anything expensive, like a new suspension kit, to make sure that any damage to the exterior is sorted out.

Be careful who you go to. If your car was damaged by another driver, go to a repair shop, like Unique Panels, that has experience in remaining insurance-compliant.

Get Your Dents Ironed Out
Image by Pixabay

Get Halogen Headlights:

Right now, halogen headlights are standard on top-end vehicles. The good news, however, is that there are so-called High-Intensity Discharge kits on the secondary market that enable people with regular cars to enjoy the same bright headlights. Avoid other halogen solutions, like cheap halogen bulbs, and these will give your lights a blue tint and won’t provide a light that is as bright.

Get A Smaller Steering Wheel:

Professional racing drivers don’t use big steering wheels on their cars. This is because large steering wheels aren’t as responsive, or as ergonomic, as smaller ones. Having a smaller steering wheel is not only reportedly more comfortable for your hands, but it also helps to make the car easier to steer. Current power steering is designed to make steering easy, but it’s neither the most responsive, nor the most accurate.

Get A Smaller Steering Wheel
Image by Wikipedia

It’s worth pointing out that some aftermarket steering wheels will block your view of dials and gauges on your dashboard.

Get A Skirt Kit:

Skirt Kit
Image by Pixabay

Top racing cars have a skirt kit to reduce aerodynamic drag. Skirting can be put anywhere on the car you want, including the sides and the rear. The fiberglass skirting helps to make your car look lower to the ground than it really is, allowing you to avoid all of the problems that come with lowering your suspension (like not being able to drive over humps on the road).

Buy An Electric Horn:

Electric Horn
Image by Pexels

Standard horns on cars aren’t anything to write home about. But the good news is that if you are tired of your current horn, you can swap it out and replace it with a new, electric one. Electric horns connect to your car’s 12 V rail and allow you to vary how your beep sounds.

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