How to Rent a Car in Uganda?

Renting a Car

Renting a car while traveling in Uganda is highly recommended since it eases transportation. If you are not a regular visitor in Uganda, do not get scared and bothered on getting a convenient means of transport. There are several car rental companies offering both self-drive expeditions and car hire with driver services. Hiring agencies do pick-ups and enable the client to reach to the hotel where the booking is delivered.

Some agencies like Self Drive in Uganda command a good fleet of cars that are in good mechanical conditions and well maintained such as Toyota Premio, Toyota rav4, land cruisers, minivans, Hiace. These are all 4×4 wheel drives which are customized to maneuver the raged and fair roads of Uganda.

Step by Step Guide to renting a Car in Uganda

To rent a car in Uganda, there is no rocket science. You only need to be careful and the guideline below would make your booking easy and right.

1. Outline your travel needs and urge

Travelers come to Uganda for different reasons. For instance, some people come for business and visiting family and friends and while others come for safari expeditions. It is best to out like the needs and purpose of your travel and anticipate the right rental car to use.

2. Prepare the itinerary

By coming up with the travel plan ensure that you get to know the duration to hire the car. Moreover, other complimentary car hire services (camping gears, Gps, cellphone and driver) which you may need on your trip to Uganda.

3. Find a convenient method of renting a car

There are three primary ways of hiring a car in Uganda which are through online booking, phone contact and physically get to the car rental counter. Nonetheless, online booking is the best way to rent a car in Uganda. Since there is a wide range of rental companies with an unbeatable price that operates on the internet.

4. Searching for the best Car Rental Company and car

On the internet, a traveler can find a mammoth of car rental companies. All these have an attractive offer but one has to take a keen look at the services and reviews to choose the best company to go for. For the case of the type of car, different people rent cars for different reasons but the most that demand car services are travelers. Cars are categorized based on car model and transmission. A traveler in need to travel should look out on the website and search for suitable cars that match their interests. Choose only the car you prefer and a visit to several websites. This will make you compare the quality services the car offers the different rates.

5. Make the inquiry

After choosing the car rental company and get in mind the type of car you wish to hire. Moreover, send an email to the company or various companies. In the email, you disclose the type of car you wish to hire. Moreover, the duration of the car hire, where you wish to go and also ask about the price.

6. Haggle the car rental  price

Do not shy away to negotiate when the rental provides gives you his price. Take an extra mile and to solicit for a cut down on price. This may help you save some money on your trip to get some other travel items.

7. Agreement, Confirmation, and presentation of Travel details

When you get the best price for your Uganda car rental. You should confirm with the rental provide by letting him know about it. Then present your travel details indicating time such as arrival time, departure time to the safari and your flight time. This should be sent through an inquiry or the itinerary. It will also enable the company when to make the car ready for the client and where to drop it off. The client should also present a copy of his or her valid travel personal documents national ID, passport and driving permit.

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