4 Simple Tips to Maintain Car Battery during Winter

Maintain Car Battery

Maintain Car Battery

With the wind changing its course and winter season approaching in full swing. It is that time of the year when you have to prepare your vehicle against the cold weather to keep it work to the best of its ability. One of the most essential components of a car that faces the greatest damage during winter is the car battery. It is no hidden fact that the car battery starts losing power as the temperature drops, and before you know, it is dead leaving you stranded in the cold. If you want to avoid being abandoned in this chilly weather, then now is the time to act. Here are some pointers that will maintain car battery running without any glitches.

1- Replacement:

First and foremost, it is your duty to prevent any damage to the car during the cold spell. Hence, if you are already experiencing difficulties in getting the car started or facing frequent battery leakages and low battery fluid level. Then you should understand that the battery will expire sooner or later. A car battery can last up to four years (depends on the battery type), so if it is already in its fourth year then instead of wasting time on its maintenance, it is better to replace it with a new one. Visit autodoc.se and find the new battery. You can easily change it yourself; check Autodoc online workshop to find the tutorial.

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2- Cleaning:

Over time the battery is likely to accumulate a lot of dirt and rust on its surface. However, which can cause current leakages, hence affecting its starting capability. To avoid it, you need to take a good look at it for signs of corrosion or slime. It is advised to detach the battery terminals with suitable box wrenches. Once released, the terminals should be thoroughly cleaned with the help of a wire brush to scrape off any filth. Once the cleansing is complete, make sure you tighten the terminals while attaching them to the battery.

3- Service:

Make it a point to get your car battery checked by a skilled mechanic who can better enlighten you on how to keep it in good condition over the winter. Moreover, even the battery is already in good shape, there is still a probability that the car’s alternator may not be working properly. Therefore, which will result in the battery losing charge. Therefore, it is advisable to get a professional opinion.

4- Charging:

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If the car is left unused for a long period of time, the probability of issues gets even higher. As per rule, an average battery can lose up to 5% of its charge every month if it doesn’t get a recharge. Additionally, if it is an old battery, the self-discharge rate is even higher. If you intend to keep your car idle for a long time in winter. However, it is only appropriate to get a car battery charger or a battery tender plus to keep the battery charged.

Though the odds of you facing a car problem this winter are higher. Therefore, now you have all the necessary information to avoid any major car battery issue and are also well equipped to handle any inconveniences.

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