How To Protect Paint on Your Car

How to Protect Car Paint

That shiny paint on your car looks beautiful, but how long will it last? There are many things that can damage the paintwork on your vehicle. However, if you don’t know how to protect car paint, we will tell you helpful ways to follow.

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Things to Follow for Car Paint Protection

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to protect your car or truck and keep it looking great for longer.

1) Wash Your Car Frequently

Pick up some car cleaning products, because washing your car is one of the best ways to protect its paint. A good wash doesn’t just to keep your car looking its best. It will remove dirt that could cause scratches. Washing also removes things like tree sap and bird droppings that, if left on your car, could eat into your paint.

Try to use only purpose-made car washing products. While you may have used dish detergent or other household cleaners in the past, they can damage your vehicle’s paintwork. Stick to products designed for washing cars.

2) Use a Paint Sealant

Once or twice a year, after you have washed and dried your car, apply a paint sealant. This will create a protective layer of your paint. Adding this extra layer means that any scratches or other damage will be less likely to reach into the paint itself.

The next time you are browsing auto parts on sale at your favorite retailer, add some paint sealant to your basket. You’ll be glad you did. Paint sealant can make a huge difference in protecting your car paint.

3) Apply Some Wax

Wax is a great way to keep your paint shining for longer. It also helps to protect against corrosive materials that may get onto the surface of your cars such as sap, bird droppings, road grime, and other common hazards.

You can apply wax fairly often, even as much as every week for maximum shine. However, if you just do it after washing, that is more than enough. If you are also applying paint sealant, wax the day after so that the sealant has time to dry.

4) Spray-on Film

There are some other protecting coatings you can apply to your car. A clear bra or clear film is a protective film that helps keep scratches, corrosion and other damage away from your car’s paintwork. This is a popular option for high-end cars but can be a little too expensive for many people’s situations.

However, products such as 3M Paint Defender Spray Film let you do it yourself. It is a great way to protect your car with minimal expense and trouble. The spray is easy to apply and can even be removed if it gets overly damaged.

The clear protective film is one of the best ways to protect the paint on your car. With products like 3M Paint Defender Spray Film, you can apply a protective film to almost any car.

Get Started

Keep the paint on your car as shiny and beautiful as the day you bought it. With the tips above, you can ensure that wash day shine lasts longer. Just don’t forget to wash regularly, as that is the most basic step in protecting your vehicle. Pick up some protective products today.


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