5 Ways Motorists Regularly Break The Law

5 ways Motorists regularly Break the Law

Most of us drive at least once a week, if not every day. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t always do everything by the book. In fact, according to research, about four-fifths of us break the law while driving. And when you consider just how many laws there are associated with it, that’s hardly surprising.

Motorists Regularly Break The Law

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the laws that are broken by drivers most frequently. So let’s get started.

Using Your Apple Watch:

An Apple Watch isn’t a phone. So how does the law look upon people using their smartwatches while driving? Not very favorably as it turns out. Apple watchers are dumped into the same bracket as phones, at least according to the law. And that means you can get into a lot of trouble for checking your emails or texts on your phone. In fact, using your watch while driving can land you two years in prison. Scary, huh?

Driving Under The Influence:

Driving-Under-The-InfluenceImage by wikimedia.org

According to the Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, driving under the influence is a very common felony. Something like 300,000 Americans takes to the wheel drunk every day.

Needless to say, this isn’t something that you should be doing. And the penalties for doing so are hefty. Fines run into the thousands of dollars. And sentences range up to six months in states like California.

What’re those caught also risk having their licenses suspended for up to six months.

Eating At The Wheel:

About three years ago a picture surfaced in the UK of a man cooking his breakfast in a truck on a motorway. The picture soon went viral, purely because of how audacious it was. Here was a man driving a 55-ton truck with a stove in his cabin.

The man later lost his job, and things didn’t go well for him. But it highlighted an important law that had gone relatively unnoticed. It was the law that says that you can’t eat while driving.

What’s so strange is that practically everybody ignores this law. And the only people that don’t aren’t legal buffs. They’re the people who don’t want to get crumbs all over their nice new cars.

Eating-At-The-WheelVideo by youtube

Breaking The Speed Limit:

Most people observe the speed limit in built-up areas. They sort of have to, traffic is as bad as it is. When they are caught it’s usually because they weren’t paying attention. Rarely is it because they were deliberately speeding. It was a driving mistake.

But when it comes to driving on the highway, things change. Suddenly drivers go out of their way to break the law. Speed limits on the highway are broken by about 60 percent of drivers. And, what’s more, they know they’re doing it.

Driving On Worn Out Tyres:

To be fair the majority of people change their tires as they approach their minimum tread depth. But a lot of drivers don’t. They wear down their tires until they are practically threadbare. And this is dangerous.

Those who are caught with tread below the legal limit face fines. And they’ll have to get their car towed to a garage from the point they’re stopped.

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