5 Major Mistakes to Avoid when Changing Your Car Oil

Changing your Car Oil

Oil changes are necessary for any car. This lubricant protects the matter in more ways than one, ensuring that you receive maximum efficiency with the vehicle, as well as an extended lifetime. There are a few major mistakes that car owners make all too often when it’s time to change their oil, however, and those mistakes can sometimes be very costly. Here we will share with you the 5 most common oil changing mistakes made, and help you avoid them.


Mistake One: Not Keeping Track of Oil Changes

It is important that you keep track of the dates of all oil changes you have performed on your vehicle, as well as the service center that completed the job. Most oil change facilities will place a sticker on the inside of your window to make remembering when it is time to change your oil easier to remember.

Mistake Two: Using the Wrong Motor Oil

Do not assume that the oil change Tucson technician or service center automatically knows the right type of oil to use in your vehicle. You can bring your own oil and filter to the center if you’d like, but at a minimum, make sure they know the right type, and that they are using this type. The wrong oil used inside of your car can cause a number of problems that you certainly don’t want to experience.

Mistake Three:  Using Additives

There are many oil additives out there. These additives all promise to enhance your vehicle’s operation and improve the lifetime of the oil. However, many of these offer nothing more than false promises, and using them may actually cause motor damage that you were not anticipating. With the right type of oil, these additives are really nothing more than wasted money.

Mistake Four:  Choosing the wrong Oil Change Specialist

If you are taking your vehicle to a technician for the oil change, make sure that you hire only a certified, reputable company. Scrupulous companies are out to take your money, even with minor repairs such as an oil change. Don’t become a victim.

Mistake Five: Not changing it At All

Some people simply avoid the issue of changing their oil and do not do it at all. This is a huge mistake that could be devastating to the engine of your vehicle. Do not make this mistake. Oil changes are vital to your vehicle!

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  1. These are some interesting tips for oil. I’ve made the mistake of not keeping track of oil changes, so I know that that can be annoying. when it comes to some of these other mistakes, like using additives or using the wrong oil, I don’t have a lot of experience. Thanks for the heads up so I can avoid the problems associated with them!

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