10 Best Car Care Tips to Follow In winters

10 best car care tips to follow in winters

You should not dread winters only because the winter weather proves to be quite a problem for all kinds of vehicles. If you follow the following ten tips, all you need to worry about this winters then is how big your snow-angel’s going to be. You have probably heard this a million times, from your father or an older brother or even an experienced friend. But here I am to tell this to you again,(repeat after me) it’s all about maintenance. That is a no-brainer, really. Yes, you need to be a little careful.

Therefore my first tip to you is,

Best Car Care Tips

1) Check your fluids

By that, I don’t mean your body’s fluids but your cars’. Now, this is an exercise that you need to fit in your schedule. Maybe every day or every night but you have to. The kind of brake fluid used and the kind of oil and grease are equally as important for you to check. Remember the simple rule CPPC which basically stands for; cleaning, protecting, prevention and checking. Don’t forget, you might have the world’s best oil with outward powers, but you still have to do the messy work of getting under the hood.

2) Thaw it out!

You do not want your doors to be jammed up, do you? Especially in the freezing winters, you would not want that. Hence all you need to do is, spray a bit of silicone or just smear it over the car doors. You need to do on all the gaskets between the doors of your car and its body. If your key slot keeps getting jammed then you can put graphite inside. It is also best to keep certain thawing chemicals for your lock.

3) Windshield Care

It’s advisable to apply repellant to the windshield and all the car windows in order to keep them free from the muck, slush, and even salt. The repellant fills in the minute pits and scratches to which the stuff sticks to. This makes it very easy to remove ice and snow from the windows. It will be best if you put them on your wiper blades as well.

4) Re-check your Lights

Turn your car’s lights on and walk a few times around your vehicle to make sure that they are indeed running properly. If they are any burnt out then replace them immediately. Winter season is the worst time to have your lights broken or not in a working condition. Check the high beams, low beams, and high beams and turn signals. Be sure to check the aim of your lights as well.

5) Check your batteries

Winter cuts down a battery’s performance to up to, 50 percent. Ideally, a battery’s life is up to 3-5 years. Make sure there is no corrosion on the battery and that the execution is fine.

6) Wax it!

You want your car to look good? Then you already know that nothing keeps the paint of your car looking good and guarded like a coat of quality wax. You need to apply wax at least after every six months.

7) Check your tires

Make this a frequent activity, of checking the air pressure of the tires. If your tires stay properly inflated that means that your car’s contact with the road will be best. This even helps in save your gas.

8) Install winter tires

For having the best grip on your car, you need to have winter treads. It is not advisable at all to drive with worn-out or regular tires.

9) Don’t put the wipers up

Why? Well, because putting your wipers might help in killing the chance of your wipers freezing. But the spring in the wiper gets immensely affected by that.

10) Get rubber floor mats

This great addition will keep your car away from dirt, snow, and slush. Hence there will be no strain on your car. The mats aid in trapping water inside.

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