Order And Configure Your New Ford Tourneo Custom WAV

If you are looking for a vehicle that has a lot of space and is comfortable enough to carry a wheelchair inside of it, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss about what kind of vehicle you should be looking for. And we are talking about none other than WAV vehicles.

We will discuss about what WAV vehicles are, how much they can benefit a handicapped person, and everything we think you should know about them.

What is a WAV Vehicle?

What is WAV Vehicle

Looking for a specific and custom vehicle can be a challenging thing. Especially when you are looking for a vehicle that should carry an older person. You have to enable them to feel comfortable and spacious in a space where they must be for a specific amount of time.

But to be able to understand that, we have to explain what these types of vehicles are.

WAV or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a type of vehicle that is extended with the purpose of allowing a wheelchair to fit in it. This is something that can be life-changing for a handicapped person. This way, they will feel a sense of independence.

You can only imagine how it would feel for a person who lives their life in a wheelchair. They are limited to doing only certain things. And having a custom vehicle made for them is something that they deserve.

You just need to understand what kind of WAV vehicle they could possibly need. This is because there are different types of WAV vehicles. Not only are their types different, but each type has a different price. So you have to always make sure that whatever kind of WAV vehicle you are looking at, it is going to be within your budget limit. If you want to know more about what kind of choice might be the best, follow the link https://www.southernmobilityvehicles.co.uk/ford-tourneo-custom/.

Types of WAV Vehicles

Types of Vehicle

When you first start looking at WAV vehicles, it can be a bit confusing. There are so many characteristics that you have to pay attention to. Since there are different types, you have to learn about what kind of character each of them has.

There are many styles, sizes that you have to keep looking at. So it can be challenging to make a decision when you first start looking through different types of WAV vehicles.

Let’s talk about the different types so you can get a general idea of what they are like. The first one is the rear passenger. This one allows the person to go in the vehicle with their wheelchair from the side. This way, once it is inside, it will be stationed in the back of the vehicle.

The second one is the ride-up passenger. This means that, unlike the rear passenger where you would sit in the back, in this case, once you enter the vehicle from the side, you would sit in the front.

The third type is the drive from a wheelchair. In this case, the person who is in a wheelchair will be able to drive sitting in the same wheelchair. In this case, the entrance for the vehicle is not essential. This is a more expensive option.

The third and final type is the transfer seat. When using this type of WAV vehicle, the person won’t be sitting in a wheelchair once inside the vehicle. They will be transferred to a seat made explicitly for them.

Benefits From Using a WAV Vehicle

Benefits of WAV Vehicle

This type of vehicle is specifically made to help people who are in wheelchairs. This means that they are made to only benefit them. They can change their life entirely once they start using them.

We can only imagine how it would make them feel once they see that they can go to different places using a car. This is something that wasn’t possible many years ago.

They have even made a specific way of entering the vehicle to make everything easier for the person in a wheelchair. Since there are a few types of WAV vehicles, they can choose which one works best for them.

Not only will the handicapped person be able to go to different locations, but now even taking long trips is something that is possible for them. They will have the best comfortable sitting position that won’t change throughout their journey.

Depending on what type they choose, the price will be specific for it. This is something that you need to take into consideration. These types of vehicles are made to be different and stand out more. They have features that other vehicles don’t have.

You don’t always have to buy a WAV vehicle that is brand new. There are many options that you can choose that have been already used. And most of them are kept in very good condition. But, as we mentioned before, it all depends on what your budget is like.

We can talk all day about these vehicles and how beneficial they are. People who need them and use them already can talk about this. We are sure that they won’t have much to complain about. But, if you want to know more about how beneficial these types of vehicles are, check this page out.


WAV vehicles are the type that is made to make the person using them feel comfortable. We can only imagine how uncomfortable people who are in a wheelchair feel when they have to use a vehicle that is not explicitly made for them.

It is remarkable that these people have plenty of options to choose from. Depending on their needs, they have a suitable choice for that. These types of vehicles are not the most expensive ones. Even if you get a WAV vehicle that is brand new, it still has a pretty reasonable price.

Even if you want to make specific changes to it, there are options for that as well. These vehicles can be modified however you want. They are made so that they can be very safe for the person using them. And this is why they are a great option to choose for a disabled person.

As we mentioned before, no matter how long a drive might be in them, they are made to make it comfortable enough. The person driving it or just sitting in the back of it won’t feel uncomfortable at any point during their drive. So, we think that spending money on this type of vehicle will be worth it, especially for a disabled person.

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