4 Key Financial Considerations When Learning To Drive Document

Learn to Drive

If you want to learn how to drive, you’ll want to know the costs. Learning to drive, and then driving a car, is not cheap at all. There are many things that will require you to spend money. Here are some of the key financial considerations that come with driving:


Driving lessons can be very pricey. They’re the first thing you’ll pay for when you learn to drive. The prices vary depending on the company or independent instructor. On average, a lesson will cost £24 for two hours. And you need a good 40 hours before you’re ready for your test. So, lessons can quickly add up. Now, you may be able to save on driving lessons if you go driving with your parents. This way you can do some independent driving and be better prepared. Then, when it comes to lesson time, you may not need as many. Or, if you’re lucky, and you know a driving instructor personally, they can give you free lessons or discounts.

Theory Test

After you’ve had a few driving lessons, sooner or later, you have to make a mental note to book driving theory test. If you don’t sit a theory test, then you can’t sit the practical exam. Theory tests will currently cost you £25 per time. But, they will drop to £23 per time, from October 1st this year. I say ‘per time’ because if you fail you’ll need to re-sit it until you pass. Also, theory test certificates are only valid for two years. So, if you pass, you’ll need to pass your practical within those two years. It’s a minor cost, but one everyone has to pay at least once. And, if you don’t prepare for your theory test, the cost can slowly keep adding up.

Practical Driving Test

When you book a driving test, it will cost you money. At the moment, driving tests cost £62 to sit during weekdays. But, they’re £75 to sit after 4:30 pm and on weekends/bank holidays. Again, like with the theory, if you fail you have to pay for it the next time you sit. So, make sure that you’re confident of passing your test first time around. The more times you fail, the more money it’s going to end up costing you.


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You’ll obviously need a car to drive once you’ve passed your test. Car prices can vary depending on if you go for a new or used vehicle. Then you have to factor in the insurance costs, road tax and everything else. There are methods in place to help people cover the initial costs of a car, like loans or car finance deals. But, you have to pay for your insurance and fuel costs by yourself. That’s another thing, don’t forget about fuel costs!! Your car will need fuel for it to run, so you must have the money to pay for it regularly. People forget that buying a car costs a lot more than just what you spend at a dealership.

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