How to Protect Your Windshield from Damage

How to Protect your Windshield from Damage

Windshield damage is something many drivers neglect until it is too late, fortunately, windshield repair in Tucson is not too hard to find. Your vehicle faces a lot of wear and tear being on the road everyday and traveling at high speeds on the highway and the windshield takes the brunt of the impact. The windshield is a crucial part of the structural frame of the vehicle, providing support for the room in rollovers and maintaining the frame of the vehicle in front end car accidents. As with most parts of your vehicle, even the windshield loses strength and needs to be replaced or maintained. While there isn’t much you can do about what falls from the sky, there are ways to maintain a strong windshield. Here are several ways to protect your windshield from damage.


Repair cracks and chips

This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but what appears to be a small problem and quickly escalate into a much bigger one. In an accident a cracked windshield is more likely to shatter as opposed to a non-cracked windshield, again turning what was a small problem into a much bigger, not to mention expensive problem. Make these repairs while they are minor to save yourself more trouble in the end. Oftentimes cracks and chips can be filled with a special coating and will be invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, some car insurances will cover the expenses of replacing a windshield if the problem has become too severe.

Keep your distance

Avoid tailgating while on the highway, especially construction and gravel trucks as they routinely drop rocks and other items that and cause damage to your vehicle. Also, other cars can be a hazard to drive to close to as people routinely throw items from their car and what may not initially be a threat to a windshield, can be very dangerous coming from a vehicle traveling 70+ MPH.

Avoid slamming your car door or other

The vibration form constantly slamming a car door will slowly damage your windshield as well as cause further damage to an existing damaged window. Additionally, hitting speed bumps too hard, or having very powerful stereo bass can have an undesired effect on a weakened windshield.

Beware of weather conditions

The weather will give your car the most consistent wear and out of anything else and any quick change in temperature can cause havoc on your windshield. If your windshield has a crack, keep it out of direct sunlight, however, you can’t avoid heat which will also spread existing cracks. Additionally, don’t cool a hot car down by blasting the air conditioner as that can cause small cracks to grow. During cold weather, avoid pouring warm water or using your defrosters on the windshield because the heat can cause a crack to spread quicker.

It is best to regularly look over your windshield for any chips or cracks and handle them as soon as possible to avoid costly accidents in the future. Windshield repair in Tucson can easily be found and help you maintain your windshield.


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