The Best Picnic Spots in Paris to Visit on Your Motorbike

The Best Picnic Spots in Paris to Visit on your Motorbike

To be enjoying among your friends and family members on a picnic spot is always a thrilling and exciting experience. And if it is in the world’s most romantic place, Paris, it becomes simply matchless. I have a heavy bike and often like to go on a picnic with my wife. We have enjoyed ourselves picnicking at the best picnic spots in Paris now.

First I always check the fitness of my motorbike and get every broken part replaced from the nearest workshop. This ensures the safety on the road and we can enjoy our picnic to our fill. Moreover, I also never compromise on any accessory missing on my motorcycle and try to refit honda motorcycle accessories or any other at the earliest. Having ensured the fitness of the bike, I pack the food items with the help of my wife. Then, we readily leave for some lovely and best picnic spots in Paris. Out of so many, we have enjoyed together, the followings are the most worth-telling. I have detailed them so that you may also enjoy visiting them with your family.

The Best Picnic Spots in Paris to Enjoy with Your Spouse

Visiting the following romantic spots with your spouse not only freshens your hearts and souls but also strengthen your family bond. After visiting these lovely spots, you will definitely feel your mutual ties more connected and coordinated towards each other. Here I go then.    

1.  Le Bois de Vincennes: one of the best picnic spots 

This huge wood is located in the East of Paris and is also very easy to approach by Metro (line 1). Once used as a place of hunting for the kings, this isolated piece of green-land is now one of the best spots where to enjoy a picnic. The silence and the serene environment of the forest will bless you with a sigh of relief in the fresh air.

Provided with a lot of nice picnic sports everywhere, the wood welcomes you very warmly when you feel exhausted. Or, sometimes you really feel tired of the crowds, the cars and the noise of the city. The most peaceful and attractive spot here is the prairie Lac Daumesnil with its charming view. You can take snaps there and have a walk in the caves or rent a little bark.

2.  Le Jardin du Luxembourg

This most beautiful garden in Paris boasts of its symmetrical alleys with palms in the middle. It also feels proud of its statues, fountains, canals, and the Senate in the background. Rightly considered as the favorite-most garden of the Parisians, this is the only spot in the whole Paris where you can lie on the grass. Located in the left part of Paris in the middle of the Latin Quarter, this garden makes the neighborhood of the old Sorbonne University, the Pantheon and the old print and paper shops.

3.  The Banks of River Seine

These banks are full of cobblestones and present a very good view of the most beautiful buildings of Paris, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower and the boats carrying their hundreds of tourists on the river. The real Parisians always prefer to visit the Place Maubert on the Left Bank. So can you do there and buy the food items being sold in the open-air market. You may also go to the local shops on the square and buy various types of commodities to make delicious sandwiches or burgers yourself.

4.   Champs de Mars (Eiffel Tower): simply the best picnic spot in Paris

Beyond all doubts, this is the most romantic park in Paris, located at the base of the great Eiffel Tower. The romantic touch reaches its climax just after the sunset on the hour when the lights get on. Usually a very rushy spot though, this spot becomes too much crowded on Bastille Day, Christmas and New Year Eve. There is left no space in the park unfilled and you have to reach pretty earlier to accommodate yourself.

5.   Bios de Boulogne

This biggest park of Paris is located just outside the borders of Paris in the 16e Arrondissement. You can ride through the various lanes of the park on your bike and can also enjoy rowing your boat. At the lunch hour, you can enjoy sitting on a towel and relishing your lunch in the romantic company of your spouse.             

In short, these are a few worth-seeing picnic spots of the most romantic city across the globe.

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