How to Stay Safe on Your Long Truck Drives

How to Stay Safe on your Long Truck Drives

This has always been a hard and dangerous job to drive a long vehicle like a truck. And, if you are driving it on professional grounds, it requires a lot of skill and common sense on your part. Behind the wheels, you carry the responsibility of not only your own safety but also of others with you and on the road. The most important thing to keep you alive even against the tense moments is your being safety conscious throughout.

Undoubtedly, nothing is worth risking your life for, not even your driving job. So, being a professional truck driver, you must always follow all the safety measures when driving. No matter how urgent your load is, it is wise to arrive safely, for it is always better late than never.

Keeping all the above in mind, we are here with a few safety measures as a general guideline for all the truckers.

Check weather reports before leaving

The weather really plays a very vital and crucial role in our life especially when we are traveling. So, be sensible to check the weather report before departing so that you may plan against the bad weather accordingly. You may take necessary precautions against the bad weather much better if you know beforehand what to expect.

Be always alert

Keep yourself always alert to not only your existing surroundings but to every minute change taking place around you. This will enable you to act accordingly and instantly as need be. Mind your front, back, and sides when driving on a highway or in heavy traffic. To remain alert, always try to be well-rested sitting on some best semi truck seats because only then you will be at your best.

Drive as per traffic density

Keeping a sharp eye on the traffic density will decide the mode of your driving. Try your best to avoid traveling through the heavy traffic or peak rush hours so that you may drive relaxingly. The more the traffic is, the more the chances of accidents. If you happen to get entangled in heavy traffic, instantly develop your ‘escape plan’ and follow it.

Avoid lane changes maximum

It is never advisable to keep changing lanes especially when on a heavy rig. Car drivers may keep doing so no matter. As a heavy truck driver, you must try your best to stay in a safe lane. If you have to change your lane, be very careful about the blind spots and the side and back mirrors. The odds of an accident always increase with too many drivers changing their lanes too much frequently.

Keep at a safe distance from the vehicles in front

Always be at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. This cushion or the buffer zone will go a long way towards your safety. Most probably, things go wrong ahead of you and you will have sufficient space and time to slow or stop. This very preventive measure has avoided a number of accidents.

Be extra cautious at night time

Driving at night time is harder than that during the day time. Things and spots may get lost out of sight in the low or dazzling lights. So, always drive slowly and more cautiously at night time.

Slow down at times and maintain control

Turning a big rig at the corners and making it pass over the ramps need your full attention and common sense. Try to get slow when at a safe distance from the corners and the ramps. Maintain the best control on your truck while crossing them and keep it upright just afterward. The same is required of you while parking your truck into a measured parking slot.

Use a truckers’ GPS

This highly vigilant tool greatly helps the drivers about which exit to take, distance before the exit, when to change lanes, traffic reports, etc. They reduce huge stress for the driver and are well worth their cost. But, you should constantly keep using your common sense along with taking guideline from the GPS.

Take regular breaks and check your truck

While on a long journey, take regular breaks and take a thorough look around your truck and trailer. Check your load, tires, coolants, any dripping oil, air leaks, etc. This will help you handle timely if anything starts going wrong.

This is how you can stay safe on your long truck drives.

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