Concrete Blocks A Blessing in Disguise

Concrete blocks a Blessing in Disguise

How many times during your Highway trips have you wondered why those concrete blocks are placed in between the multi-modal roads of the Highways. What’s the purpose of placing those concrete blocks in between highway roads?  This recent accident on the 511WI Wisconsin Highway will definitely show you the importance of concrete blocks. According to a video clip captured by Wisconsin Highway traffic cam, A Ford Super Duty pickup truck driver hit a concrete divider and the wheels of the truck started pulling up the divider. As a result, the two wheels of the truck were on the divider while the other two wheels on road, the Ford truck driver continued driving forward as it is.

Because of the concrete dividers, the truck stayed in its lane but innocent light poles couldn’t be saved. With the truck’s wheel stuck on the divider and the driver advancing the truck in forwarding direction, the light poles which were fixed on the divider were damaged heavily by the rampaging truck. Two of the light poles were cut down from their base by the truck’s collision and they went flying into the oncoming lane damaging several vehicles. Several vehicles were damaged but there was no serious injury.

After the collision with the light poles the trucks stuck tires got back on road and the truck hits the divider hence finally coming to a stop. The driver was arrested and charged DUI on the spot as he failed to pass the tests. Hitting road dividers in the middle of the day isn’t something normal.

Road dividers that are usually concrete blocks are life-saving in such type of accidents. Several other incidents are on record in which these concrete blocks have acted as life saviors. The road barriers stop any type of vehicle from crossing over to the other lane or falling away from the road in case of an accident or crash.

Source: CBS New York


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